Vacation Bible School (VBS) 2020

KNIGHTS OF NORTH CASTLE: Quest for King's Armor

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VBS 2020 will be held Monday, June 1 through Friday, June 5 from 8:30-11:30AM with the VBS program on Sunday, June 7th at 10:00am. There will be a cookout following the program.

North Castle is hidden in a frozen land. The King's valiant Knights are on a quest in search of King's Armor. But the armor isn't what they think it is. Cokesbury's VBS 2020, Knights of North Castle: Quest for King's Armor, invites children to be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his power by exploring how we put on the armor of God. Kids will take on the role of brave Knights and begin their quest each session by opening the King's Book.

They'll explore Old and New Testament stories and discover different pieces of protective armor - the Belt of Truth, the Breastplate of Justice, the Shoes of Peace, the Shield of Faith, and the Helmet of Salvation - at work in the lives of familiar Bible characters, and explore how that armor works in their own lives as they follow and serve God.

Join us as we take up the gauntlet this summer and accept the challenge to "armor up" and be strong by remaining with God.

Bible Verse of the Week -- "Be Strong in the Lord and in the strength of his power" (Ephesians 6:10)

Day 1 - Monday, June 1

  • Bible Story - Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego Stand True (Daniel 3)
  • Castle Callout - Armor Up with Truth!

Day 2 - Tuesday, June 2

  • Bible Story - David Defeats Goliath (1 Samuel 17: 1-50)
  • Castle Callout - Armor Up with Justice!

Day 3 - Wednesday, June 3

  • Bible Story - Mary's Journey to Bethlehem (Luke 2: 1-20)
  • Castle Callout - Armor Up with Peace!

Day 4 - Thursday, June 4

  • Bible Story - Jesus Walks on Water (Matthew 14: 22-33)
  • Castle Callout - Armor Up with Faith!

Day 5 - Friday, June 5

  • Bible Story - Midnight Praise with Paul and Silas (Acts 16: 16-40)
  • Castle Callout - Armor Up with Salvation!

VBS 2020 Co-Chairs are Darcy Silver & Candy Franzen