Church Council

The members of the Church Council except the pastor(s) shall be elected by majority vote at the annual meeting of the congregation at a time specified in the bylaws. They shall serve terms of three years or until their successors are elected.

2024 Church Council Members:

  • Nicole Crites (2nd year) - Council President
  • Tyler Suits (2nd year) - Council Vice President & Liaison to the Social Ministry Committee
  • Trent Hoveln (2nd year) - Council Treasurer & Liaison to the Property Committee
  • Marcie Buhr (3rd year) - Council Secretary & Liaison to the Stewardship Committee

  • Scott Harris (3rd year) - Liaison to the Evangelism Committee
  • Ryan Rademaker (3rd year) - Liaison to the Worship Committee
  • Tyler Harms (1st year) - Liaison to the Parish Education Committee
  • Kalista Lutes (1st year) - Liaison to the Volunteer Services Committee
  • Joyce Romine (1st year) - Liaison to the Fellowship Committee