Sunday School

Sunday School is for 3 year olds - High School. We will be starting our third year with the "Enduring Faith" series from Concordia Publishing. Seventh and Eighth will continue to use the "Grace Series" from SOLA publishing. 

In addition, we also have Adult Sunday School which is taught by Pastor Scott and covers various topics including in-depth Bible Study.

Sunday School Resources:

2024 Sunday School Staff:

Darcy Silver, Director of Youth Education

Tina Buhr & Callie Heidbreder, Co-Superintendents

Kari Ackerman & Hailey Braden, Assistant Co-Superintendents

2023-2024  Sunday School Teachers:

Nursery 1 (3 year olds) - Darcy Silver, Anna Crites, Carlee Breymeyer, & Linda Stimson

Nursery 2 (4 year olds) - Kalista Lutes & Anna Louise Lutes

Kindergarten - Teri Travis & Dave Wolken

1st  - Toni Brown & Hallie Harms

2nd - Angie Sage

3rd - Stacey Huls & Amy McElroy

4th - Nicole Crites

5th - Darcy McMahon

6th - Marie Reitmeier

7th - Denise Wolken

8th - Shannon Childress

High School - Alyson & Eric Suits

Adult - Pastor Scott Smith

Pianists for Opening - Charlene Bergman & Lois Harms

Substitutes: Missy Buhr, MaryAnn Reitmeier, Emily Harms, Ashleigh Schoonover, and Donna Garrell