NALC 2020 Vision

Like every congregation, we want to grow, we want to be renewed, we want to serve the world around us, and we want to fulfill the vision and values that God has given us. We're excited to join the North American Lutheran Church's 2020 Vision, which is working to bring us together with 475+ other congregations to do just that. Immanuel launches the campaign on January 8th and will share more information in late January and February. Here's a quick video about 2020 Vision to share more information about the NALC and their pathway to ensure a legacy of faith today, tomorrow, & forever.

We are planning to distribute five informational brochures and present accompanying videos after the 8:00 service. (The five components are the Overview, Grow, Serve, Renew and Fulfill.)  


Dates for presentations:

  • January 8 – launch 2020 Vision Campaign with the Overview brochures in bulletin and video after 8:00. 
  • January 29th – Grow brochure and video
  • February 5th – Serve brochure and video
  • February 12th - Renew brochure and video
  • February 19th – Fulfill brochure and video, and review of the Support component

We will not have any presentations the weeks of January 15 or January 22.  The Grow, Serve, Renew and Fulfill videos are each around five minutes.