Here are a few resources for our church. Please contact the church if you cannot find the information you are looking for on our website.

  • The Seven Marks Society seeks to focus on the nature of the church. We seek to remain faithful by focusing on what is essential. The Seven Marks Society is committed to a life of obedience to the one true God. To sustain this life of faith, We are committed to prayer in the Name of the Triune God. 

    This website contains the "Mark of the Month" as well as daily scripture, Saint of the Day, general prayers and much more. The purpose is to assist you in trying to spend an hour a day (collectively) with God.

  • Wedding Guidelines

    Congratulations on your upcoming marriage! We at Immanuel Lutheran Church want to help you in making preparations for your wedding ceremony to make sure that it will be conducted in an atmosphere of cordiality, cooperation and good order. For this reason, we offer this manual as a guideline for your preparations.

    Wedding Guidelines

  • Simply Giving Application

    This is an option for automatic tithing rather than the traditional offering plate during worship.

    Simply Giving Application

  • Like every congregation, we want to grow, we want to be renewed, we want to serve the world around us, and we want to fulfill the vision and values that God has given us. We're excited to join the North American Lutheran Church's 2020 Vision, which is working to bring us together with 475+ other congregations to do just that. Immanuel launches the campaign on January 8th and will share more information in late January and February. Here's a quick video about 2020 Vision to share more information about the NALC and their pathway to ensure a legacy of faith today, tomorrow, & forever.